Release to breathe✨

As I detox my thoughts I began the need to detox my body as well, a soul restoration. The past few weeks of my life had been so crazy I have yet to come to terms with everything. I do know that just because a dollar is torn doesn’t mean it has no value. With life obstacles it’s important to stay a float and stay present. Even when things are going horrendous at the moment I find myself even more grateful for the things I do have instead on dwelling on what I’ve lost. This is the time for new beginnings as we approach retrograde it’s important to remember this is not a curse lol. You will survive, get organized now and start that project now! Using yoga and meditation is a great way to train your thoughts, digging deeper into your soul differentiating what you want and what you need. Open your mind up to gain clarity. Taking walks and writing helps me detox my thoughts, staying active and busy. Creating a morning routine is another effective way of training your mind because the flow of consistency. A detox that is one of my personal favorites for the body is made with organic apple cider vinegar which has many benefits aiding the digestive system, clearing your skin, hair dandruff, reduces inflammation in the body, Regulation of PH balance and so much more. Turmeric is a essential antioxidant that aids with inflammation in the body, improves skin health, aids respiratory system, great for relieving cramps (ladies),aids metabolism and much more. I drink apple cider and turmeric in a form of tea, now you can add honey to make the taste a bit smoother because it is harsh lol. The most important detox mechanism is doing what makes you HAPPY, fulfillment of the soul makes every day worth while. It is important to wake up with gratitude and praise, appreciating the now and what you have and with that power and magic you are opening yourself to receive more blessings ✨

Do something great for yourself today you deserve 🌹



Cut deep as a well

My heart swells with demise

My soul cries out for help,

This seed that you planted,

The welts that you’ve made,

Nothing will ever be the same,

This dangerous game I’ve played

Spun me in a maze,

Only to leave me dazed,

Left in dismay,

I stray away from my thoughts,

Differentiating what the mind and the heart wants,


Releasing my guilt that left me broken,

Releasing images of your smile that left me open,

Trust verses lust,

The gains from life’s lesson,

Removed from my Spirit to except depression and block my blessings?

I refuse,

I relapsed

fell into the abuse and manipulation of your words clouded my thoughts,

There lies my heart out on a sleeve,

Recollecting who I am now I can finally breathe,

The torn pieces of me I’ve restored,

Stripped bare,

My demons lair,

Imagination of a love that was never there

I remain silent in prayer,

The desperation for restoration of my bleeding heart,

This is what it feels like when your body and soul are torn apart.

Suns Bliss


I am sun kissed by the suns ray,

Gasped at my reflection admiring my complexion,

A beautiful mahogany master piece,

My aura glows from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet,

My soul sedulous,

My spirit lifted,

Through faith I’ve been gifted my power within,

I’ve let my tongue loose and revealed my truths,

Let down my shield to allow myself to heal,

I’ve allowed myself to feel,

Jubilant basking in the glory of defeating fear,

The rain has cleared,

Dried my tears,

Promising endearment within,

A love that never bends,

Kissed by rays of sunshine,

I’m loving the skin I’m in.

Mondaze Blues

Today is just one of those days,

It’s not that I’m not in the mood,

Or not moved by the rhythm and groove

From the music that soothes my soul,

Sketch my thoughts,

Add wit to my rhymes,

It’s just one of those days that I owe no one my time,

A moment of stillness and peace,

No one deserves my space I’ve created,

My solitude is my ground,

I enjoy my company,

Me, myself and I never seem to be antiquated,

People call me egotistical or narcissistic when I tune into my thoughts,

I’d rather be buried and trap into my soul,

Created art to make me whole,

To fill the missing pieces of the puzzle which forms me,

Within I’ve acquired peace,

The case of Mondaze,

When you recollect all of your thoughts,

A case of Mondaze blues,

Sipping my dandelion tea while the jazz moves my soul,

Basking in the case of Mondaze blues.


My jazz and blues you soothe my soul,

A rhythm that flows through my heart,

A melody that flows through the stream of my veins,

The thump in my beat,

Sweet lyrics that you speak,

The frequency from a 808 on my heart beat,

A aura that glows from the inside out,

A everlasting beauty,

A sacred space,

Joy that overflows,

Embodied love like two white doves,

A love from above,

A love within,

Sensationally fulfilled living in my skin,

The beginning of true love,

I love myself first,

I water my own garden,

With my roots buried in soiled dirt,

I continue to grow my aura continues to glow,

A abundant love that continues to overflow.

High Rise

More than a friend to me,

Elevating my mind ,

I only get a taste of you,

A still of peace

You’re inside me,

Flowing through me,

A bliss, sensation

With zero hesitation,

My legs recline to the back of my mind,

The bitter taste of red wine upon my lips,

Our hearts connect,

Our souls kissed,

Heightened memories you’ve imprinted

In my mind,

A love, no space, no time

For the night I am yours and you are mine,

In our time

You lust,

I trust,

Like the smoke we puff ,

We’ll fade to dust.


Citrine sunshine glows over my jovial daze,

My soul beams, orange haze,

My soul ingratiated with my spirit,

Finding balance through my imperfections,

Making a connection to spirit ,

I align myself with the divine,

To allow my light to shine,

My garden inflorescence ,

The beatitude of growth,

Bountiful peace surrounds me,

Burnished my aura,

Soaked in my glow,

Swelled with gratitude ,

My feet rooted to the earth,

Emulating my higher spirit,

Endearment weighs out my self destruction I create,

Broke down to rebuild,

Planted my seeds to allow fruition in my soul,

In my creative space I am whole,

As this orange haze fills my soul,

Sacral alignments in my universe,

I’ve found peace with the darkness that too harbors over me,

The shadow guides me,

Liberation encompasses my spirit,

Self love,a inscrutable sensation,

The junction of the mind,body and soul,

In my orange haze bright as 24 karat gold.


Today I Affirm ,

I am safe ,

I am secure in all ways,

I eliminate fear energy,

I eliminate doubt,

I am willing ready to receive the message from spirit,

Abundance is my divine birth right and so it is and so it shall be.

Ase’ ✨

Each morning I wake up I write a list of ten things I am grateful for and why I am grateful for them. Gratitude is the key to bringing abundance to your life. Remaining present in the moment and being grateful for what you have now. Pay attention to the signs that spirit guides you to. Let go of what needs to be buried and begin to flourish within. You can’t glow harboring in guilt , defeat, fear or any lower energy that doesn’t serve your higher self so why jeopardize your growth? Let this be the time if you haven’t started already to align your energy with your spirit. Learning that balance is key and patience is virtue ✨

I am grateful for the gift of Heath! Because I am able to keep a active lymphatic system keeping my immune system strong. (Thank you ,Thank You,Thank you)

I am grateful for my eyes because I am able to see the beauty of nature.(Thank you,Thank you,Thank you)

I am grateful for my GOD given innate talent and image skill to create, because I am able to live off of my art. (Thank you,Thank you,Thank you)

I am grateful for my job , because I am able to pay my rent ☝🏾 and fund my business. (Thank You,Thank You,Thank You)

I am grateful for my clothes on my back , because I am able to afford to clothe myself appropriately for the climate changes and be comfortable. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you)

I am grateful for my family , because of their love and support I am able to push forward and stay strong throughout this journey. ( Thank you, Thank you, Thank you)

I am grateful for my legs, because I am able to have my independence with my mobility of my body. (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you)

I am grateful for food in my refrigerator, because I am able to eat when I want to. (Thank you,Thank you,Thank you)

I am grateful for my fingers , because I am able to write my rhymes in lines of poetry.(Thank you,Thank you,Thank you)

I am grateful for waking up this morning,because I have another chance to fulfill my life purpose✨


Learning of Love Language ❤️

The love language , something that’s seems to be left out or forgotten yet so important. Realize everyone has their own definition of love and what is required in a relationship. The key is to LISTEN , take the time to learn your partner and what their needs are. This touchy topic goes for women as well, paying attention to your man needs is just as important as him taking care of yours. A love that grows is a love that stays, making sure one another are fulfilled by communicating ! Take the time out to talk out your problems and bring them to the surface. It is possible to grow away from a person and in some instances it is best to separate in order to grow. Personally me being in a going on five year relationship , I can say I have changed a lot so much that my partner really don’t know what I “like”. Evolving into the woman I am becoming I’ve learned things pertaining to myself that I didn’t even know pertained to me. I love reassurance, I want to know how you feel and I want to express how I feel to you.

A relationship without feelings being expressed opening without egos involved is a numb one. Losing sexual interest in your partner usually comes from distance in communication , not connecting . I have researched this in particularly and I have found that most times lack of sexual interest comes from lack of emotional satisfaction. To not be completely fulfilled in your relationship could cause static which can cause infidelities in a relationship. Communication is key to learning someone’s love language. If you aren’t willing to listen and understand your partners needs and give them security you’re wasting their time and yours . I feel like if you want anything you put your all into , so when a person shows no effort into making me happy that’s like me not valuing myself honestly when I know I deserve more. Learning love language is about exploring your partner inside and outside , invigorating every sensation in their bodies. Growth requires nourishment, And we as human beings have individual needs. I say this again because it is so important to remember that everyone is not the same , what works for you may not work for your partner so learn to sync in union with one another so both are fulfilled. It should never feel one sided where one has to compromise and the other is sleeping like a baby. Energetically you feel drained and the relationship is more of a task . Personally I feel like you’re supposed to grow with your partner and not grow apart. What happens when the two of you don’t know each other or how to fulfill one another’s needs? Do you communicate and work it out ? Or walk away?

Communication is apart of growth , learning to speak your mind actually heals you. A lesson I’ve learned in life is to never hold my tongue for anybody and to speak and release what I feel. Things are not always easy ,and if you are reading this and dealing with this in your relationship take the time out to communicate with one another add some spice into the relationship or something lol revive that thing if and only if it is worth it, and if not live your life and don’t block your own blessings.✨😉

Styler Panel.

This weekend I attended a Coachella themed style panel.

This look is styled by yours truly Tee Mornee’.

I came up with this in my head literally so I can’t really say where the inspiration came from. I dress how I feel and this was the mood I was feeling.

I paired this outfit together with a faux fur jacket made by current mood with a bustier from Victoria Secrets , mesh shorts for a under layer , garter lace tights , bleached/distressed denim shorts made by yours truly and velvet boots by Doctor Marten. (Shades by Crap eye wear)

I was inspired hearing the stories of the entrepreneurs that spoke about their experiences starting off their businesses. It was refreshing to hear that people have experienced the same or similar obstacles that I have been through during my journey as a fashion designer / wardrobe stylist. It gave me the drive I needed to keep pushing and not letting up. I have been living in LA for two years and one thing I keep hearing repeatedly is that I need to be out more and network. I promised myself to put myself out there more and stop overthinking everything. I have made it a mission to meet and connect with others and be more sociable. With that being said Ive made a couple of new connections and in the process of forming a team, knocking out one goal at a time. The time is now to execute and use my charisma and talent to achieve my mission. I’m excited for the future I feel it , I believe it and it’s mine. #claimed