1. January 21st 2017 I had the honor to be apart of history in Downtown Los Angeles . The movement the Women’s March was spread world wide. This movement brought everyone together , Male,Female and people of all races. It was so moving to see unity involved with this movement . There was absolutely zero violence or non sense. It was extremely moving to see everyone come together for this powerful movement. Together we spoke volumes ! The fact that the world can come together to express their feelings about the new President of the United States . What a forlorn story ,The fact that we have a that type of person represent our country. A man that disrespects women, Degrades people of the Mexican descent , Made fun of a person with a mental disability and disrespected Barrack Obama. The hate that this man has spread made it impossible for Americans to be comfortable citizens while he is in office and it is shameful. I thought America was about making progress not going backwards into the 50’s. The future is now up to us, We must make a change within ourselves to see change in the world. Let’s not focus on the negative , Let go of fear energy and any thoughts that does not serve you of purpose. Protect your peace and guard your energy. Letting people detour you mood is not a option. You control your emotions and your thoughts control what is around you. If you think negative , Negativity will follow you . Have a wonderful day and remember complaining is poverty and gratitude is riches ✨

Sincerely ,



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