Guns & Butter.

Do you wake up in the morning dreading the day ahead ? Is your job something that you love ? Does your job fulfill your soul ? If you are doing anything that causes you to complain or worry REMOVE IT FROM YOUR LIFE! Are you in it for the money or the passion? Let me just ensure you that doing it for money will never make you happy. It is important to do what you love because you will never ever fail! Your heart will never fail you. It’s been a little over a year since I’ve moved to LA and I can honestly say I have grown to love my art and appreciate ME way more. I let go of fear and self doubt and took a risk, I jumped! I’m still learning and educating myself more on my craft to perfect myself everyday. We all know faith without work is dead so what are you working for ? Do you believe in yourself ? Do you trust your judgement? Are you living by faith? Whatever you do make sure it is for your soul purpose ! Don’t do something for financial security and not have love for what you do it just doesn’t make sense. Life is too short to settle. This journey has taken me through so many trials and tribulations and yet I am grateful for what I have and what is yet to come ! I know that with tenacity and persistence I will succeed at anything I have my mind set to do. I was recently guided to heal through fitness and health and I can honestly say that I never thought about my health before I move here. I never thought to excercise or eat healthy and I never knew about the holistic way of healing your own body through intuitively eating . Taking care of your body starts with the foods you consume which inspired me to create meal plans for those who need guidance to get on track. Listen to your heart it will guide you. Let go of fear energy and negative thought patterns to gain the confidence you need to excel in your craft. Remember this is no ones race , your life is directed by your own pace.

Sincerely ,



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