Smiling Faces.

There are people who are genuine and then there are people that do things for you and bring it up to your face after the fact as if you “owe” them something. The type of people that are petty and will lie to you about the most redundant things. There are people that are secretly in competition with you and try to put down every creative idea you bring to their attention. Some people are afraid to be around others that are more ambitious than they are rather than get inspired. Like for example there are the women that give out compliments to other women willingly and then there are the females that walk around like they have a chip on their shoulders lol. You can always tell the difference between a unhealthy relationship and a healthy one, the difference is a I got the juice ass (BOSS) male/female and the I got the tea (WEAK) type of male/female . A person who takes the time out of their day to slander someone instead of taking the time out of their day to uplift somebody. Watch who you let in. The people that are genuinely rooting for you will be clear ! They will show support of your craft and they will always find a way to uplift your spirits with their refreshing words . The unhealthy relationships are the one where you are always trying to uplift this person because they are in a “bad mood” or always talking down on themselves or others, They are always complaining about work or their living situation instead of working on making it better. A person that doesn’t call and check on you in regards of your well being is not a friend  Hello!!! They are always calling to gossip or complain about something that happened to them. It is unhealthy to be a ear to a negative mouth, cut the conversation short and give them encouraging words and let it be. I had to learn to remove people out of my life that served me no purpose doing this helped me find myself more. I realized that keeping these certain individuals in my sector was bringing me down. You know that friend that always brings up your past and how you used to be , yea cut them off they don’t understand your growth and they still look at you as someone you once were. You don’t have to prove anything to no body absolutely nobody ! The person that you were in the past is not your future , YOU determine that factor. Make a list of the important people in your life or people that you talk to on the daily basis and write next to them how they make you feel and the type of conversations the two of you have. You may discover that the closest person to you may be a energy sucker . Remember every thing that glitters ain’t gold so be mindful of who you allow in your sector . Stay prayed up.


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