So recently I’ve been guided to detox from milk , chocolate and cheese all together. I haven’t been smoking (as much) marijuana to keep my mind fully focused and clear. I’ve cut out alcohol completely from my life because of the toxins it holds and blockages it creates. I  no longer communicate with people who complain all day about situations, instead I cut the conversation short by giving them encouraging words. Removing things that no longer serves me any purpose has really helped me. My spiritual advisor has really helped me through my spiritual journey keeping me balanced and focused. I pray more , I drink more water , I excercise more and I’ve included herbs in my diet as well. I used therapeutic oils to balance my chakras and I burn my palo santo daily. For a long time I’ve been suffering with blockages as a child. I was fearful and doubtful of myself and I didn’t have as much guidance from my parents being as though my mother was young and growing into herself so I don’t blame her for. It guiding me properly because she did the best that she could. My father was incarcerated for majority of my life and I never got to form a healthy relationship with him. Growing into the woman I am becoming I am learning how to find balance and become a stronger person. I wake up in the morning look in the mirror and speak positive affirmations out loud to myself. I pray and say thank you with every step I take until I truly fell the gratitude of being alive and well. I no longer dwell on problems instead I find solutions ! I am still healing but I encourage anyone that is in need of healing to start off by praying daily! Start a journal log in and express your fears and also what makes you happy. I don’t want you to dwell on the fear but it is important to remove the fear energy by admitting what scares you or what makes you feel insecure. Find the root of your problems and grow from them do not crumble. Speak highly of yourself and of others! Keep a positive outlook on life and remember that your problems are something small to a GIANT! Remember prosperity and happiness  comes from within so it is up to you how your life forms! Thoughts becomes things ✨



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