Today I woke up feeling so grateful for everything I have. I started my day thanking GOD for waking me up as I do everyday and proceeded to send a text to every significant person in my life who has inspired me. Life is really too short to focus on the wrong things , follow your heart not the wave. Pave your own path and be the best that you can be! Everyone’s definition of success is different therefore the only competition I see is my reflection when I look in the mirror. I love being me and I wouldn’t change anything about me. I am striving to become better every single day of my life  so no I am not perfect I am learning . I know that I don’t know everything therefore I am still a student in my craft . I know that my artistry will have longevity and substance so I do not rush my learning process. I’ve learned in life some people feel uncomfortable around me because of how much I am comfortable with myself and my flaws. I am not afraid to admit when I am wrong and when I don’t have the answer. I know at times we tend to want to rush our process think we don’t have enough time but let me reassure to you that we are on GOD’s timing and at the end of the day the how is not up to us. It is important to put your trust and faith in GOD and DO THE WORK , because we all know that faith without work is DEAD! Stop procrastinating and get up and fulfill your souls purpose. Realize that happiness comes from WITHIN not from drugs and substances , not from material things or likes on social media but it comes from the heart. Do some heart chakra work on yourself and really get to the root of your issues. Learn to let go cut the ties and heal ! You can not heal holding a grudge because someone wronged you. Forgiveness is for you not them! Don’t worry be happy ✨


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