Art of Life

Everyone is so focused on trump and the politics of this American life. Martin used the Art of Speech, Malcolm the Art of Mental Warfare, Hendrix the Art of Music, and Maya the Art of Words. 

Our generation has such advantage. We have so many more avenues to connect with one another from all over. Our struggles are the same for those of lower class every where and so many places so much worse than the U.S. 

Right now, we need to nourish the arts. All the arts, from graffiti to the symphony. Investing in small business is not just a trend but the only way to save ourselves. Trade Starbucks for the small cafe. Trade home decor from target or wayfair for some unique finds at craft festivals and random etsy pages. Trade DTLR for the shirts from a brother just trying to make it without selling dope. It’s so much cool stuff out there and some of it cost as much as your favorite label and some of it is super cheap. If you trade one mall shopping trip for a unique finds adventure, I assure you shall be even more satisfied and you’ll make the greatest contribution toward rebuilding our own. 


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