For the past few weeks I have been so clouded with stress, I feel like I’ve done it to myself by COMPLAINING! Knowing that complaining only leads to pain and poverty because you can’t get ahead complaining ! To every con there is a pro ! Trust me and trust your intuition most importantly. I was complaining about my roommates, complaining about lack of money and lack of creativity and blaming my lack of money for my lack of creativity. I wasn’t able to sketch because of the blockages created by MYSELF! Note that the first step to healing within is to surrender to your TRUTH. I stopped blaming others for my discomfort and started to look at life from a new prospective. I decided to do a little “spring cleaning”, I removed anyone and anything that didn’t serve my higher self. I had to let go of unhealthy eating habits and start fresh with a new detox ! I went back to doing yoga daily and started my new book Chakra Clearing by Doreen Virture to get my chakras aligned , Let’s just say retrograde was kicking my cute ass ! Lol. I have found that my chakras became imbalanced because of my frequent negative thought patterns , I had to find balance. I’ve found my peace , formed new relationships and became more spiritually connected with GOD. Balance is the key to life! Remember that it is natural to have fearful thoughts or negative frequencies because we are all a balance of light and dark , Let your light shine brighter than the darkness clouds. Meditation is a great practice for clearing the mind and finding balance within. I’ve found that after I meditate I feel lighter and more intuitively focused. Fill your body up with nutrients to feel energized and release the foods that makes you sluggish. The key is to listen to your body and do NOT ignore the SIGNS! You will get dragged lol don’t allow your ego to convince you that you don’t need help because at times we are all in need of a helping hand. Do what best benefits your higher self and enhance your light! Feel F R E E D O M




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