Lately I’ve been feeling disconnected from my art , with this new moon I have been more inspired to do more of what serves me ! I’ve even considered quitting my job to work souly focus on my craft. I have learned to be a little more selfish and focus on myself, no more worrying about anyone or anything else but what I need to focus on and that is my career. I’ve been so tied down in my 9-5 that I had started to forget what I have moved to California to do which was to FOCUS and set free from distractions. I have asked my angels for guidance and peace and I ask GOD to give me the strength everyday to find my inner peace ! My inner child the creator ! That I am destined to be.  I even neglected my own health helping others and that is not HEALTHY boundaries! Balance is key to success , without balance you aren’t able to LIVE! I have never felt this free in a long time! These past few weeks I have learned to live for me and be a little more selfish with MY time because my time is valuable. Remember to indulge in some self care today ! Do something that serves YOUR higher self ! Don’t lose yourself trying to please someone else and remember GOD is always with you. 


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