The Hoarder.

Release the hoard ! Maybe not particularly in your home but in your mind ! Release the worry ! Release the fear! It’s just negative baggage that you do not need to hold on to ! Wake up smile and in the mirror ! Say “I love you”to yourself ! Affirm that today will be a beautiful day and so it is ! Let go of that worrisome mindset and affirm peace within! Do something today that makes you feel good! Eat healthy exercise for 30 mins , take a hike ! Detox from negative emotions and lower energy and give all of your worries to GOD to handle ! “This battle is not yours it is the Lords!” In the words of Yolanda Adams. Today is a day of MOVEMENT! Whatever the project you’ve been trying to get off of the ground do it! I told myself I will spiritually educate as well as teach more! I will write and express more! I will sketch more! I will go to the beach and feel the vibrations of the oceans because I can! I am alive in good health and to me that is the definition of wealth! I thank GOD everyday I wake up and rejoice in his name for this peace I have within ! Make today positive even through the storm because you are alive today❤️



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