Black (Men)tality Part Two

Today the black community struggles with our men not owning up their mental issues. They feel like if they are expressing their inner feeling they are vulnerable or considered weak. Men with mental disorders such as bi-polar , schizophrenia , and depression often struggle finding the courage to just seek help so they over shadow their feelings with substances and even having multiple sexual partners finding anything to make them “feel good”. From my perspective being a black woman watching the men in my family I see this everyday and being a spiritual healer I look to help them out as much as I can while I am learning more about my magic and gifts. This topic really bothers me because instead of helping our black men the justice system either shoot them down or place them in jail but if they were white they would be evaluated as soon as possible. I had a conversation with my mother the other night about the R Kelly situation and she made me realize instead of criticizing we all should pray for that man. He is battling with demons he has a mental illness. I am not justifying his action because I believe it is a devious act to prey on young underaged girls! I have exprienced it as a child , men old enough to be my father grunting at me as I walked down the street or making sexual comments. It is disgusting that a grown man or woman would prey on a child so no I am not defending anything that this man has done. I will say that instead of judging one another we need to work on healing ! Especially for the healers criticizing , you have the gift to heal so reach out to someone who needs it and heal. As a new healer I am just becoming to adapt and accept my gifts . I vowed never to criticize or judge another for their action because there is always a deep rooted reason for every devious act. I do believe there are people that are just crazy and do things because they are wicked yes , but I also believe people do things to seek attention or help such as drinking , using drugs, abusing women or even harming themselves , those individual fight everyday within this battle that they feel like they are losing . More healing less exposing ! Help a family member or loved one in need instead of being so quick to judge them or chat behind their backs. The problem with today’s society is that everything is considered a joke until it hits home. If you are a black man and you are struggling with depression I ask that you seek help there are people willing to help you , you are not alone. It won’t just magically “go away” you can’t self heal without guidance. 



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