So I was guided to be by the water this weekend and I found peace , I meditated I asked for guidance and peace from within and to be stripped from what does not serve me any good. I was inspired to write more , to draw more , to create new things ! I've found my balance and peace within. The terminology being "real" starts from within that means being realistic with yourself. What will work for you and what won't work for you at the end of it all. I know my heart is in fashion and the job I'm at now is not fulfilling that purpose. I am not saying that my job isn't important or meaningful to me because it is! Working with adults with autism has taught me patience and to value life way more. I actually come to work to care for someone other than just there to make a dollar what I do comes from the heart. Growing spiritually has heightened my sensitivity on others vibes and realizing who I do and don't need in my life. There are real life energy vampires out here , people that want to use you for their own benefit feeding off of you. Those are the people I stripped from my life or no longer converse about what I am doing with my life because I'm protecting myself and my ideas. I have learned that many people aren't really here to see you succeed but they are here to watch you fall. Those are the people you have to stray away from. One thing I have learned throughout this whole experience living here in California is persistence. I have learned if I focus on something whole heartedly the hard work will pay off ! Which is why I continue to build and gather my brand together until I am ready to release so stay tuned there is more to come. ❤️



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