My feet touches the earth ,

Grounded deep as roots from a white oak tree,

Stripped, I’ve shed my skin and I’m born again,

Freedom is what I exhale , Love is what I intake,

Heroically I saved myself from drowning in mistakes,

Take the lesson as what it is and accept,

I’ve learned the depths of life and what completes me,

Forming into the woman that I am,

The blemishes and scars that imprints on my heart has made me who I am today ,

Today I rise ,

I claimed the day it’s mine,

I break free of the chains that clamped my throat ,

I can sing ,

Unclogged from holding back my truth,

Living in truth has set me free,

Unapologetically me ,

I set myself free,

Spread my wings and soar ,

Opened doors and paved waves ,

Freedom ,

Releasing everything that no longer serves me.


My Bed.

Sweet sensations of your touch forms around my mind ,

In my world of imagination my heart belongs to you and yours mine,

Through our hearts were synced together,

Egos clash ,

Our love estranged,

Souls left in defeat,

If it is love that sets you free why is it that I feel heavy from these shackles that ties down my feet,

It’s love that has gotten us here ,

It is love that induces this fear ,

The feeling I’m feeling doesn’t seem to disappear ,

The sunsets ,

Dark clouds stirs in the sky,

My heart ,

A melancholic lullaby,

Into a million pieces I break,

I should’ve known I’d choose this fate,

Figuring out how to heal from this mental space,

Frangible ,

I restrain my minds haste,

My consternation that stems from my anticipation,

To touch you ,

To feel you,

Now this dream fades,

I lay in dismay,

Haunted memories stays in place ,

I’ve made my bed I’ve choose my fate.

Till the chips were down.

Falling in love is such a dangerous game.

It’s like falling out a window,

Russian Roulette ,

You never know what to expect because love chooses your fate ,

Lose yourself in another ,

And you fade,

Cut open with a blade ,

Blood shed watching your heart break,

To love fluently with passion,

The love you can feel,

That growing love ,

That’s what’s real,

Love doesn’t kill,

Love doesn’t lie,

Love is not here to waste your time ,

Love is pure ,

Love is joy ,

Love is peace,

To grow in love is a beautiful thing ,

To fall you’ve chosen a treacherous fate ,

We didn’t make the first take ,

Cheated death ,

There was no love for us to make,

Growing from one another ,

Nothing brings us together,

We seized our love before it got the chance to start,

And now we are left wondering from a far,

See it’s beautiful to grow in love ,

It’s a dangerous game when you fall,

For you I’ve fallen for ,

I know I will just waste your time,

They say love is blind ,

Is this why you can’t see me ?,

How can something that feels so right ,

Not be meant to be.


Your hands touch me ,

I can’t feel you,

When we kiss our lips don’t connect,

You try to hold me ,

Yet I’m not secure,

Battling with this war between my brain and my heart,

How could two lovers be so apart,

Intangible our love is tainted ,

Look at all of the time we have wasted,

On the truth and the lie ,

Love was our only alibi ,

Distant even when I am next to you it’s just different ,

There is no way you can build truth on lies ,

We used love as a phony alibi

What fools we are to play this game,

Sacrificing our hearts ,

What a claim to fame ,

Memories that haunt us,


Numbed to the pain afflicted,

I sit and wonder how did we become so addicted,

And now everything has turned out how I predicted ,

We couldn’t fight this battle ,


And what is left is this puzzle with pieces missing,

My love,

My sweetest addiction.

Spring cleaning

Spring is the season of growth ✨

Out with the old in with the new , now is the time to of fruition and fertility. Focus on intention and follow your heart, start that new project you’ve been holding off forever. It is time to venture out of your comfort zone, in order to get different results you have to move differently. I know sometimes the anxiety of life complexes things and we tend to over think which causes us to procrastinate. A affirmation I use daily ” I am safe and secure in all ways , I am supported by the spirit and my ancestors, I no longer harbor over defeat, I free myself from doubt and fear and so it is”. The power of the mind should be used in the benefits of your higher self. Learning to shift your thoughts can be difficult in the beginning and no everything is not love and light , there are days when you are not your best the key focus is to shift your FOCUS. I have found that meditation is a great way to train your thought process as well as yoga. A detox I recommend is one of my favorites because it’s so effective the apple cider vinegar , turmeric and lemon cleanse, preferably I would say use the braggs brand of ACV because it contains “mother”. Mother is a great antioxidant, it is known to break down alcohol into acetic acid which helps with blood pressure , blood sugar , also helping with the cholesterol levels . I do this detox for seven days a cup in the morning with food ! Please don’t drink on a empty stomach it will feel like the end for you lol, and one cup at night before bed thank me later it’s a gut life saver! Take this week to reflect on what needs to be done , write out a short term goal for the week and execute. May you all survive retrograde with ease lol , release the anxiety and go with the flow. Remember self care ! Is a effective way of healing within, do things that set your soul on fire life is too short✨

Good Dank✨

Melrose is one of the most visited spots in LA , from the beautiful scenery the thrifty finds and good eats ! Strolling down Melrose Ave finding goods I stumbled upon some scrumptious ramen,

EAK is a must try ! Everything from the ambiance , the service and most importantly the FOOD.

The garlic edamame with the plum red wine was a splendid choice ! You will not be disappointed I promise ! Everything from the presentation to the taste was just superb✨

The Garden Ramen. I was extremely satisfied and fulfilled. With the perfect blend of ingredients and hint of spice from the sofritas I recommend this bowel go non vegetarians as well.

I have been on this vegan / vegetarian life style for five years strong ✨ it is the one thing I have managed to keep consistent in my life. I strive for the discipline to go full out vegan , it’s just sometimes the Maryland in me loves crab legs 😋. If you are in the Los Angeles area and craving some tasteful ramen with a beautiful ambiance then I recommend you try EAK located on Melrose Ave ❤️

Enjoy your week ✨

Body & Soul

I pierce my lips to apologize ,

For the lies spilled ,

The way I played with your head,


I thought of you as a thing I’d save for later,

Today I put you first ,

As my reflection glows at me,

Starving for the nourishment to grow,

I’ve stumbled and when I fall it isn’t something to dwell on,

I rise ten toes down ,

Today I put myself first ,

I am aware of my worth and why I was placed on this earth ,

With love you can heal the universe ,

It starts with myself first ,

Until I love her nothing else would work,

Quenched my thirst ,

I water my own garden,

Healing my own wounds to heal others,

A love like no other ,

Undeniable and true ,

Heuristic ,

Nourishing ,


Love of thy self ❤️

A love that will never give up on me.


Joy overflows inside me and all around me ,

I embrace every part of me that comes naturally ,

I express myself with raw emotions,

Soaked in soul,

Adapting to this discomfort of growth,

My heart swollen with joy ,

I love every flaw and everything that defines me,

Acrimony doesn’t harbor me ,

Things that I can’t change has no control over me.

With Mercury in retrograde from March 22nd-April 15th it is wise to hold on to your edges (lol), no for real this is the time for expressing your inner feelings and addressing your shadow YOU CAN NOT BE ASHAMED OF WHO YOU ARE. A rollercoaster of emotions will arise remember to THINK before reacting. This personally has been a roller coaster for me. I feel a heightened increase of energy and emotionally I aim for balance. It is important when you feel like you’re in doubt to persevere against the odds. Mentally you must keep stability to reach your goals. Use this time and period of your life to be selfish , take the time out to reflect on what’s needed for yourself. Make time for your personal reflection and accept your truth. Life is not going to be all rainbows and unicorns you have toast the necessary shifts in order to witness progression in your life. The key is growth , learning to overcome obstacles and tackling your fears.

Peace and blessings ✨


My day begins ,

I catch my breath before my head starts to spin ,

Floats through my thoughts ,

I daydream in a daze ,

I get through my days but they aren’t easy ,

When I’m not moving I feel the bruises ,

The ache in my chest ,

Now and days my heart hasn’t gotten rest ,

When the sunsets it sets on me and there’s no hiding ,

Memorials of a memoir,

The memories haunt me ,

My soul is aggravated and you taunt me,

Emotions out of control ,

Penetrating my soul ,

Love has lost,

The door has closed,

And I’m left with this darkness in the cold.

Crystal of the day✨

Today I definitely felt the need to detox and release my thoughts. I have been feeling so distorted along with experiencing a lot of brain fog lately. I was guided to carry around honey calcite . Honey calcite helps declutter the mind , removing emotional distress giving serenity and peace. I use this stone to meditate , detoxing my thoughts to focus on my intention. Healing is not something that is done over night it is a everyday process, everyday is a working progress. The key is to remember to breathe , life is not about who did it first or how fast you can get something accomplished. Life is not a race it is about going at your own pace remembering that the only competition you have is who you were yesterday. Focus on becoming a better version of yourself instead of mocking the footsteps of someone else. It’s the complexity in life that allows us to grow through the mistakes and learn from them. Dwelling on the uncontrollable will only drive you crazy so there isn’t a need for the woe it’s me party. Honey Calcite helps channel your higher self by bringing you to mental clarity and higher awareness, this crystal aids the sacral chakra. Your sexual energy and creative energy are linked in one so it’s important to be aware when you are feeling blocked, what you lack in one area can cause you to lack on another area in your life. Suppressing your own energy because of fear causes a imbalance in your sacral chakra , express yourself as you please ! Without seeking validation from others. Honey calcite increases your energy while uplifting your emotions depleting stagnation from your mind clearing your aura. Personally my emotions has been in shambles since mid January lol and I have been all over the place! So for me staying active and being creative keeps me balanced and focused which is why I use honey calcite as a healing stone for this period of my life. I have been guided to talk less and listen more, focus and execute is the ideal plan. I had to learn to let go of worrying and never doubt my faith. Healing is not something that we rush , trust the process and go be it ! You are what you attract and it starts from within.